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Insuring cars or light vans on a temporary basis

Which temporary, like VERY temporary car insurance should you buy? Quotes for Short term cover like this are available for very short periods indeed, in fact the minimum time you can buy a policy for is just one single day whilst the maximum is four weeks. The driver of the vehicle to be insured doesn't even need to own it; so insuring a car or light van that you have borrowed from a friend, or lent to someone else, can be done for a very short period and you can even insure more than one person for the same car if you wish, which would allow you to share driving on a motoring holiday or long journey whilst still having the assurance of comprehensive coverage. Common uses including insuring a car for a test drive, covering a borrowed car whilst your own is off the road temporarily, or perhaps having the loan of a larger vehicle for a weekend away. The insurers have designed this type of coverage to be particularly helpful for drivers who may need to cover a motor vehicle at short notice, and buying a policy has been made particularly fast and easy with a simple online application form and a high level of acceptance. The whole process of buying insurance for a small period of time should take no more than a few minutes and once a policy has been purchased the very important car insurance cover note can be downloaded for printing out on the driver's own printer if required.

Whilst the maximum term of a temporary policy is 28 days, another short term policy can only be taken out after 14 days have elapsed from the expiry of a previous policy; this time gap is a legal requirement. It is therefore important that you buy cover for a long enough time to suit your needs. The purchasing process is flexible however and when buying a policy you have the choice of your insurance starting immediately, or at a particular time on a particular date, and coverage is on a 24-hour rather than daily basis; in other words if you bought a one day insurance policy at 2.00 in the afternoon it would not expire at midnight that day but you would be covered until the same time the following afternoon.

On occasions when the use of another vehicle becomes necessary at short notice, such as following a car accident or breakdown, the ready availability of near instant insurance cover like this can be a huge relief to a hard pressed motorist. Temporary policies are not, of course, a substitute for a full year's policy on a car which is used on a daily basis; but if the vehicle is normally laid up for long periods and used perhaps once or twice a month, such as can happen with people living in large cities with access to good public transport, insuring it from time to time for short periods could make good economic sense.

Coverage is comprehensive for motoring in the UK, and there is even insurance cover for driving through the countries of the EEC, provided that the journey both begins and ends in the UK. This EEC cover is limited to the minimum required by law in the country which is being driven through, which is roughly equivalent to our own third-party only insurance, but this can be upgraded to comprehensive cover for an extra premium.

To sum up; Temporary insurance for cars or light vans can provide the freedom to drive other vehicles for short periods of time of up to 4 weeks or even shorter terms from a minimum of just one single day, giving both the owner of the vehicle and the driver the assurance of knowing that not only is the car itself insured against accidental damage but the driver is covered against the very real possibility of suffering the Draconian penalties for driving without insurance.

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